Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1

  • 2

    It all begins with treats.

    • Let your bird pick what treat it wants for training. Simple but so important!

  • 3

    Basic Training tips/ tricks/tools

    • Basic Target Training.

    • Step up and perch

    • Frustrated yet.. if you are, that is normal. I have lots of bloopers in my training!

    • Step up ON YOUR HAND - do's and don'ts ( perch is part two )

    • Step up quiz

    • First Step up, now you must PERCH.

    • Flying to you on command.

    • Just for fun... a birds laugh makes me so happy!!!

  • 4

    Can we talk about biting?

    • Birds and biting.

    • The test about biting.

    • Can we talk about dangers in your home?

    • Danger in home quiz

  • 5

    Foraging, and chop - what is it and why should I do it and foods.

    • Foraging

  • 6


    • When is it a rescue or is it a rehome?- Illness/problems and more.

  • 7

    TRICKS... some fun tips

    • Trick training - High Five, go through loop, swing upside down on hand.

  • 8

    Basic First aid and more care info ( showering & nails)

    • Is your bird ill? Hit the quick when you cut nails? Broken blood feather?

    • Hormones and a bit about molting.



  • 9


    • You did it, you made it through the course! CONGRATULATIONS!!

    • You did it, class complete.